Season 4 is the fourth season of the series, The Spectacular Count Jester. Like its previous season, this season will have 20 episodes, and is just a planned season. It is unknown when this season will be released.


After fighting the nefarious Legion of Evil, Count and his family/friends rejoice after being rid of Toffee, the most formidable nemesis they have ever faced. With New Bark City congratulating their return from space, the planet of Toontown has grown more fond of Count, his friends and his family. With Count and everyone closest to him being hailed as heroes, Count's junior year of college has gotten better than expected.

However, Brandon is still emotionally shaken from the season finale, as he needs time to reform before coming back to claim back his company. With a tearful goodbye to his kids, Brandon departs on a journey of reformation; to find out who he truly is.

But when a new evil force pose a darker threat than Dr. Crazyhare and the Legion of Evil, Count and his family/friends must face these new enemies, and learn that Count is hiding a dark secret... even darker than what his father was hiding.


Main CastEdit

  • TBA as Count Jester
  • TBA as Stacy
  • TBA as Mumble
  • TBA as Max
  • TBA as Splinter

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