The Spectacular Count Jester is a concept series about the titular Toontown character, Count Jester. This series serves as a reboot to the original series, as it has more of a superhero vibe to it. This is the first reboot of the Count Jester franchise. However, it takes place in the same universe and is set two years after the events of the original series, so it is also considered a sequel series.

On August 6, 2017, Frangipani confirmed that this would be the main series, and that Count Jester would be the sequel series.


My name is Count Jester, and I am the bravest cat alive. To the outside world, I am a technological genius, but to some others, with the help of my friends and family, I fight the crime that has plagued the city of Toontown. I am, the Spectacular Count Jester! (Intro music plays)


Toontown has grown bigger (more civilized and advanced) and there is more technology than gags. Count Jester is a purple cat who is best friends with Max and Mumble, two Toons that had survived the Cogpocalpyse. However, there are technologically advanced villains who are trying to destroy Count and everyone he loves, so Count and his friends must fight back to protect the ones they care about.

Confirmed Plot PointsEdit

  • New Bark City and Toontown will be introduced.


Main CastEdit

  • FaZe Jev as Count Jester
  • TBA as Mumble
  • Ross Lynch as Max
  • TBA as Stacy
  • TBA as Splinter

Recurring CastEdit

  • TBA as Jekova the Magnificent (parody of Abra Kadabra from The Flash)

Guest CastEdit